CAA Launches Skywise App for News and Alerts


The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched a new app to provide news, alerts and notifications to pilots.Skywise3

The app, called Skywise, is available free of charge to smartphone and tablet users now, and allows users to tailor the information they receive after registering.


Categories include alerts for airspace changes, aerodromes, air displays, air traffic control, airlines, safety, balloons, drones, helicopters and much more.

Once signed up, news alerts are received through the app to keep the pilot user informed of updates that affect their particular area of flying. Each of the sections chosen highlights when new alerts have been received, and the individual alerts are concise and easy to read.

The Skywise app is also available as a website, at

It is likely to be of particular interest to those working in aviation, rather than just flying aircraft for pleasure. But it offers some invaluable information at the touch of a button where previously it was hard to find hidden on the CAA’s website.



Matt Falcus is a private pilot and aviation writer. He has been flying since 2006, taking the opportunity whenever the British weather allows to explore the local area and other airfields. He is author of a number of aviation books.

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