100 Ways to Fly More And Get More Out of Flying – New Piloting Book!

100 Ways to Fly More Pilot Book

It’s been a while in the making, but I’m really proud to announce that my new book is now available!

100 Ways to Fly More and Get More Out of Flying is a fantastic resource to help any pilot, new or experienced, to make better use of their pilot’s licence and find ways and inspiration to get in the skies more often.


What’s the Book About?

There are so many great pilots with private pilot’s licences who don’t use them nearly as much as they should. Typical reasons include:

  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t know where to fly
  • I don’t have the confidence to try new things
  • I don’t know how to go beyond my current limits
  • I’ve been flying for years; it’s not as interesting any more


I’ve experienced so many of these things in my own journey as a pilot, so I wanted to put that right and find all of the ways to combat these problems.

100 Ways to Fly More is, as the name suggests, a simple and inspiring set of tips and encouragements to combat the typical reasons (listed above) for not flying often.


What the Book Contains

The book is deliberately written to cover pilots of all experience levels, from the newly qualified (or almost qualified), to those who have an average number of hours, and those who have been flying for many years and just don’t fly as often as they used to.

Chapters include:

  • Essentials for the New Pilot
  • Tips on Flying Further
  • Trying More Challenging Flying
  • Adding Licences and Additional Ratings
  • Finding Cheaper Ways to Fly
  • Keeping Your Interest Levels High for Old Dogs
  • Improving Your Flying Technique

Initial feedback has been great, and I hope it will inspire other pilots to fly more often.


Get Your Copy

100 Ways to Fly More Pilot Book

100 Ways to Fly More and Get More Out of Flying is available both as a print book and a digital Kindle book, so you can choose the best way to read it.

It’s very affordable, priced £9.99 in print, and £3.99 on Kindle.

You can get your copy now from these links:


Buy now button with a shopping cart on white background. BuyonKindle

(Also available on Amazon and in good pilot shops).



Matt Falcus is a private pilot and aviation writer. He has been flying since 2006, taking the opportunity whenever the British weather allows to explore the local area and other airfields. He is author of a number of aviation books.

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