What’s It Like Landing a Light Aircraft at a Big Airport?

Private pilot YouTuber Plane Old Ben recently had the opportunity to fly into Manchester International – the UK’s third-busiest airport, and a major hub for airliners – in a light aircraft.

In his video, you can ride along as he pilots a Cirrus SR20 aircraft from his hometown airport at Blackpool, landing a short while later on runway 23R at Manchester in amongst widebody Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!


A second video posted by Plane Old Ben shows his visit to the control tower at Manchester Airport, looking at the airspace they operate in and the effects of infringing controlled airspace, which can be a major issue.

Here’s the video.




Matt Falcus is a private pilot and aviation writer. He has been flying since 2006, taking the opportunity whenever the British weather allows to explore the local area and other airfields. He is author of a number of aviation books.

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